Server Rules

Find and discuss server information here. Bug reports, funny issues or mod suggestions. This area is a to go along with the discord channel.
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Server Rules

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NOTE: These rules may be out of sync with our discord because we don't use the website as much as the discord. If you run into issues, the rules as they are in discord are the ones that will be held up.

Server Rules

-Discord and server nicknames must match and must be a valid character name such as "[BTR]Jonny R." or "[CIX]Willy Connor". This is for role play reasons and is required. You are required to have two names! However, if your character does not have a lastname, you must roleplay that some how and have a "." as your last initial.

None of the following will be tolerated:

-Stealing anything in the safezones.

-No stealing cars from safezones.

-Glitching/Hacking/Using bugs in the game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage during PvP or raiding.

-Building in military area/police stations (within 150m)

-Building in plank spawn area (100m)

-Building within 1250m of Green Mountain, 500m of Kumyrna and Black Market Traders.

- Building around or blocking off wells (within 30m)

- Placing locked storage items in military areas

-Watchtower/fences stacking past 6 floors

-Combat logging. (Must wait 5 + min after getting hit, all parties involved)

- Befriending someone on our discord then betraying them, this is a community space, not your PvP zone. (PvP is allowed in the server, however.)

-Stream Sniping.

-Camping safezones, even consented fights. No PVP within the boundaries of the safezone at all and no shooting in or out of safezones.

-Planting crops in safezone

-Mic/megaphone abuse. (spam/racial slurs)

-Leaving vehicles in safezones, you must be present with them or they will be deleted when staff comes around.

-Using "Admin", "Administrator", "Owner", "Staff", etc if you are not one of these people. (instant ban.)

-Disrespect past sportsmanlike in game crap talking

-Spamming side chat (will be temp banned three days.)

-Using alt acc to evade a ban

-Undermining the staff by arguments. (staff have power of discretion.)

There will be no throwing of frags in any safe zone. Server staff will eat your lunch over this, including the cookie, and you will be temp banned from the server!