Discord Rules

Find and discuss server information here. Bug reports, funny issues or mod suggestions. This area is a to go along with the discord channel.
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Discord Rules

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NOTE: These rules may be out of sync with our discord because we don't use the website as much as the discord. If you run into issues, the rules as they are in discord are the ones that will be held up.

Discord Rules

-No nickname with blanks, invisible characters or other issues that might make chat interaction impossible or difficult.

-No inappropriate or offensive nicknames. This is a public server and things should be kept to a at least PG-16 level.

-Discord and server nicknames must match and must be a valid character name such as "[BTR]Jonny R." or "[CIX]Willy Connor". This is for role play reasons and is required. You are required to have two names! However, if your character does not have a lastname, you must roleplay that some how and have a "." as your last initial.

-No profile pics of a sexual nature, you will be banned without recourse.

-@Discord Staff have the right to use their discretion to edit nicknames to make them community friendly.

-Do not harass, defame, abuse or otherwise cause distress to any other member of the community. The staff take this serious and will ban repeat offenders.

-Cursing is allowed but should be limited in use. Excessive cursing may get you warned or kicked from the server.

-For all issues, please submit a ticket to get help. Do not DM or mention the staff.

-Absolutely no discussion of hacking, cheating, piracy, pornographic material, illegal content , people's personal information or things that may break discord ToS. Staff will ban for this without recourse.

-Discord and server staff have full use of their own discretion when it comes to the rules and how they should be applied or interpreted. Do not argue with them.

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